• Trojan (650694) Uvmax D4 Uv System 9 Gpm 3/4


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These point-of-use/point-of-entry series of systems allows for simple installation and operation due to the high output lamp and compact reactor

Flow Rate 85 UVT eol VIQUA Standard 30mJ/cm 34.0 lpm 9.0 gpm 2.0 m /Hr

Controller offers indicator LED's as well audible alarms that can be muted if need be

System comes equipped with a lamp/sleeve assembly which has the two parts assembled together as one piece for ease of handling

The reactor is an axial flow design with superior hydraulics, compact design and NPT connections depending on the model

Current 0.5 Amp Power Consumption 50 W Lamp Power 40 W Operating Parameters Maximum Operating Pressure 8.62 bar