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AFS , AF-OLK62-D-ST, AF-OLK6 Series Fiber Optic Test Kit with ST Connector Type Light Source The AF-OLK6 series test kits are the complete solution necessary for the installer to test, terminate, trouble shoot and document fiber optic systems

A custom test kit can be made for any application

AF-OM200 Series Power Meter Description The AF-OM200 series Fiber Optic Power Meter has the same high performance as the AF-OM100 series with the added advantage of a user selectable choice of 0.1 or 0.01 resolution, on board memory and a serial port connection for communication with a PC

AFS Meter Windows 174 Compatible Software USB to Serial cable and Serial to Meter cable Compact light weight carrying case Kit Highlights and Key Features Storage of 500 results dBm absolute dB relative measurement Meter - graphical display with testing guide Multimode and single mode applications Zero reference with dBm value displayed 650nm, 790nm, 850nm, 1300nm, 1310nm 1550nm Windows application software Meter calibration certificate included Meter - display back light Meter - auto power off Meter - N.I.S.T

All kits include a carrying case, one connector adapter, cleaning wipes, power adjustment tool and instructional manual

Highlighted Feature All our power meters features an on screen testing procedure guide field for quick reference making testing a breeze! AF-OM200 Software Description Advanced Fiber Solutions has developed this software package to accompany any AF-OM200 series meter

Includes Power Meter ST Connector Type Single Mode Light Source ST Connector Type Multimode Light Source 2.5mm Universal Adapter Product Manual Batteries Alco wipes Trim tool Meter Cal Cert

Other adapter caps required for operation must be ordered separately

PC software accompanies the meter for easy documentation of testing results

Plastic Optical Fiber and VSCEL test kits are also available

The AD100 2.5mm universal adapter comes standard with each kit

The AF-OLK6 series test kits come with the AF-OM200 series power meter

The AF-OLK62-D is designed for both multimode and single-mode applications

The AF-OM200 series detectors are potted in a threaded housing for versatility and allows the user to interchange adapters for numerous connector types

The AF-OM200 series is calibrated to /-0.25dB of the NIST standard for each wavelength through the dynamic range of the meter

The AF-OM200 series is designed to measure loss attenuation and output power of both multimode and single-mode systems

The AF-OM200 series meter stores 500 readings and results

The AF-OM200 series meters accept thread-on style adapter caps

The Cable Plant Reporter is our latest product addition

The POF kits have modular adapters on both the meter and the 665nm/650nm output of the source

The meter is accompanied with the AF-OS420 for multimode applications and AF-OS430 for single-mode applications

The results can be printed directly from the software

The results can be printed directly from the software, or can be saved in a spreadsheet file format

The software also allows the user to edit the time on the AF-OM200 series meter

The software functionality couldn't be any easier, just turn the meter on, connect it to the computer using the serial cable provided in the kit and follow the easy instructions

These test kits are designed to allow testing of all parameters of fiber optic networks, including output power levels from the fiber, coupled source power and attenuation loss in a cable

This reporter package enables the user to download a saved Database from an OM200A series unit providing Pass/Fail analysis determined by the fiber length, number of connectors on the run, number of splices on the run and type of fiber being tested

This windows based software package is an easy way to download and document the results that are stored in the memory of the AF-OM200 Series meter

This windows based software package is an easy way to download, analyze and document the results that are stored in the memory of the OM200A series meter

Using the supplied Windows 174 compatible software and USB or serial connection, test records may be transferred to a PC for storage, display, printing, and analysis

Traceable On screen testing procedure guides